KeySmart Ultimate Charger

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I am literally sitting in a coffee shop right now. In addition to this being something I’ve not done in about a year, I’m once again contending with an aging laptop that doesn’t hold its charge like it once did. Right now, two hours are left until dead time. Will that be enough to get done what needs to get done? We’ll find out. The point of that particular share is:  We can all use a backup charger. 

The KeySmart Ultimate Charger ticks every box. Fast charging, rapid recharging, compact, lightweight, and as an added bonus, it looks cool. None of this generic, standard-issue office-supply austerity. It’s got a little personality. With three ports, Lighting, micro-USB, and USB-C, you can charge your phone and your laptop at the same time. Or your phone and your earbuds and your tablet. Or your laptop and your mouse. And so on. 

KeySmart may have caught your attention with their key organizers — that’s where it all began for these guys — but lately they’ve been coming up with tough wallets, desk accessories, and a line of UV-sanitizing “clean products” to round out their offerings, all of which are well designed and clever. 

The Ultimate Charger will juice your phone seven times, or give your laptop one full charge. It’s an ability that’s way better to have and not need than to need and not have. 

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