Kickback Cold Brew CBD Coffee

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Craft coffee has become just as much of a craze as craft beer — fitting, since you often need a strong cup of coffee the morning after a few too many beers. And there’s another craze that’s sweeping the country: That of CBD-infused products, and in the case of the Kickback Cold Brew CBD Coffee, a specific type of product made to (as the brand says) “wake you up and chill you out” at the same time.

We’ve not yet seen a type of cold brew coffee like this, what with 120mg of CBD included in the stylish 8oz. packaging. It’s perhaps the new way to make your perfect cup of coffee, and it’s guaranteed to offer you a different (one might say highly different?) coffee experience. If you think you’ve tried everything on the coffee front, well, here’s to giving it another try with Kickback’s Cold Brew CBD Coffee. – Shop Now

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