Kings County Distillery 7-Year Single Barrel Bourbon

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Nothing gets us in the spirit of fall and winter quite like a richly crafted, expertly made bourbon, whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks or (personal preference) in an Old Fashioned. Throw in more than a dash of heritage and history, and you’ve got yourself a winning bourbon crafted in small batches and made to be enjoyed and saved regularly. To get even more specific: You’re clued in to what makes Kings County Distillery’s 7-Year Single Barrel Bourbon so perfect for fall, winter and really … any time of year, if we’re being honest. 

It’s an ultra-rare whiskey straight out of the confines of the company’s Brooklyn Navy Yard distillery, delivered in an old-school bottle and a seriously cool wooden shipping box for an even more high-quality feel. Put this on your own holiday wish list, and be sure to gift it to any whiskey lover out there: It’s a welcome one to find under the tree, to say the least. 

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