Klymit Inflatable Camp Pillow X

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Loading out your gear to go off the beaten path requires considerations aplenty, chief among them being, well, how the heck are you going to haul everything you need to haul? Whether you strike out on foot or take a more leisurely approach to campsite life, the right gear frequently means bringing the comforts of home with you — sleeping under the stars is tricky, after all, without the right camping pillow.

Meet the Klymit Inflatable Camp Pillow, a handy innovation sold by our friends at Bespoke Post, and one that’s going to help you close out the summer the right way. This X-shaped, blow-up pillow is designed to be easy to transport, and then it’s got the right details to support your head and neck when you do lay down to rest after a long day of adventure (that X-shape design is crucial). It’s so well-done and so easy to use, you’ll wonder how you ever camped without it. 

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