Land Ark Drake RV

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Streamlined, pared down, functional. Good words to describe your personal style, your lifestyle ethos, and, increasingly, your ideal living situation. The Drake from Land Ark combines the tow-ability of an RV with the (frankly killer) design of a tiny house. Unlike standard RVs, the Drake is meant to be moved occasionally and lived in regularly, so the focus was on livability — not just weight-cutting for weekends of highway travel.

Outside you have durable-as-it-gets corrugated metal siding. The insulation in the walls, floor and roof all hit in the 30 R-value range (better than some houses) and the roof is designed to take serious snow loads. The home sits on a thirty foot tri-axle trailer chassis, which makes it the same size as an RV and towable without a special permit.

Go inside the Drake and be transported to clean-lined, minimal-living nirvana. Walls and ten-foot tall ceilings are white-washed pine and the floors are waterproof vinyl plank. The main loft accommodates a king mattress and the secondary loft takes a queen. If you really want to up the occupancy, the flex room can take a third mattress and the sofa will sleep one more. The bathroom has a sink, toilet and a thirty by sixty inch bathtub/shower (all of which use standard RV water and sewer connections).

In the kitchen you get a ten cubic foot freezer/fridge plus a liquid propane cooktop and oven — all in stainless steel. For living/eating/working there’s a sofa, a ten foot bar top and laptop/AV shelving.
The couple behind Land Ark have lived in their own version for years and have used their experience to enhance, rethink, and redesign every part to make the livability very dialed in. If you’re ready to start living small, there’s one Drake that’s built and ready to go for just shy of $140k. Future builds have a three to four month lead time. Which is just enough time to start picking out where you want to park it. Learn more at Land Ark

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