Land‌ ‌Rover‌ ‌Defender‌ ‌110‌ ‌Flying‌ ‌Huntsman‌ ‌6×6‌ ‌

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Kahn has a historic reputation for putting together legendary vehicles from bumper to bumper. After Kahn works on a vehicle, it becomes an instant masterpiece. Co-built with Chelsea Truck Company, the Land Rover Defender 110 Flying Huntsman 6×6 pickup is a six-wheeled monster.

Featuring an elegant Santorini Black exterior finish, the Flying Huntsman looks sharp. Inside the truck, luxurious quilted and perforated leather provides comfortable seating for up to five people. With only one previous owner, the next person who acquires this will feel like the luckiest Land Rover driver in the world.

A GM 6.2L engine producing 430 brake horsepower sounds magnificent breathing through a custom sporty twin crosshair exhaust system. From those horsepower numbers, and looking at the engine bay in their walkaround video, the engine appears to be a very well-done LS3 swap. A six-speed automatic transmission smoothly shifts the powerful 6×6 pickup over any terrain imaginable. 

Land‌ ‌Rover‌ ‌Defender‌ ‌110‌ ‌Flying‌ ‌Huntsman‌ ‌6x6‌ ‌

With heated seats, six wheels, and a Land Rover Defender roll cage, it’s ready to travel anywhere. Whether that is on a simple grocery trip to scare the locals, or on a cross-country adventure conquering every off-road trail in sight, is up to you.

No two custom builds are the same. Good luck finding another six-wheeled pickup, providing as much power from such a durable power platform, while looking as badass as this Defender 110 does. Expect to feel like the king of the road.

You can inquire about the Land Rover Defender 110 Flying Huntsman 6×6 through the Kahn Automobiles website right now. This defines the one-of-a-kind label, chances are you will never see anything else like it. The next owner may never want to sell it again after they fall in love with a match made in heaven. Don’t miss your chance to see preposterous perfection before it disappears into the wilderness forever.

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