Larq Self Sanitizing Water Bottle

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On the trail, in the office, zipping around city streets or prepping for grueling training — hydration is, you guessed it, critical. You can’t put a price on staying hydrated, but you can indeed put a price on the gear that helps you stay that way.

Leave it to Larq to go the extra mile (pun intended) with the Larq Self-Sanitizing Water Bottle, one of the coolest pieces of gear (and certainly the coolest water bottle) we’ve seen in some time. The remarkable UV-C LED purification system cleans nearly 100 percent of bacteria in just about 1 minute, fighting against water with impurities and toxins.

It’s powered by Li-Polymer battery via a waterproof USB charging system, and on top of that, it automatically purifies your water six times a day. It’s as if Larq has thought of everything … because at first glance, they definitely did. It helps that the Larq Self-Sanitizing Water Bottle is designed in a range of neutral, cool colors for every style out there — it’s the best water bottle to buy right now, so what are you waiting for?

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