LARQ Movement Self Sanitizing Water Bottle – Terra Edition

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The days of single-use plastic water bottles are over — heck, the days of using whatever reusable water bottle you’ve got handy are over, too. That’s because the Larq Movement Self- Sanitizing Water Bottle bundles up everything you need when it comes to the best, most dependable water bottle, and then some.

A UV-C LED purification system removes nearly 100 percent (99.999 percent, to be exact) of bacteria, while the Terra colorway celebrates pine trees, arguably nature’s natural purifier. Steel construction means this bottle is tough enough for the trail, and the fact that this LARQ water bottle automatically purifies your water every two hours is highly beneficial, too. When you’re on the go and want to keep it charged up, rest easy knowing that the micro USB system is waterproof and easy to use.

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