Laws Four Grain Ruby Port Cask Finish Bourbon

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There’s never a bad time to add a major upgrade to your bar cart (or to someone else’s bar cart this holiday season), we know this much to be true. Sometimes, tried-and-true brands, while welcoming and enjoyable to revisit, also need to shake things up. Everyone’s a winner when a lauded whiskey house like Laws revisits its time-honored methods and delivers an exceptional take on a classic whiskey, and that’s what they’ve done with the Laws Four Grain Ruby Port Cask Finish Bourbon. 

The secret lies in the fact that this bourbon is part of Laws’ Experiential series, and in this instance, that means they’ve taken the Laws Four Grain Bourbon (its flagship whiskey) and turned it into a new whiskey expression entirely with finishing done in Portuguese Ruby Port barrels. Call it exceptional, call it one-of-a-kind, call it your new favorite whiskey — just make sure it’s yours. 

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