Lego Foosball

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Patented in 1921 by a man from the UK named Harold Searles Thornton, foosball takes its name from the German translation of table football. But whether you call it foosball, table football, or table soccer, one thing is certain: This beloved barroom pastime is a ton of fun.

The only trouble is, making room for a full-sized foosball table in the middle of your living room might just cause some strife with your family or roommates. Instead, may we suggest the latest and greatest Lego set—Lego Foosball?

A stunning reproduction of a legitimate foosball table, the Lego Foosball set is made up of nearly 2500 pieces and features slots for five customizable mini figures per team. The whole setup actually plays as a game of foosball too, and even comes with a cheering section so your other minifigs can root for their favorite teams.

Price: $250

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