Lexani Kalahari Edition EXTV 4x4

Lexani Kalahari Edition EXTV 4×4

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There are those for whom a sleeping bag and a flashlight are the necessary requirements for outdoor adventure. Lexani doesn’t make stuff for those people. The California-based luxury vehicle conversion company upgrades the interiors of high-end SUVs to a level that makes the cabin of a private jet seem like a Texaco bathroom stall by comparison.

Now they’ve turned their eye to the off-road sector, offering to modify 4×4 Mercedes Sprinters with their signature brand of luxe (with just a touch less gold than their usual designs). In addition to making the Sprinters classier inside with updated tech, their Kalahari Editions have the option of added kitchenettes, convertible beds, and storage for bikes and gear.

Wheel upgrades, external racks and lights, and Kalahari-exclusive paint jobs make the outside as cool as the inside. The only danger is that you’ll take it to Glacier NP and never want to leave the van. – Learn More


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