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Call it Lexus Electrified or luxury electrified, the age of the EV is here. The Lexus RZ is the next phase of luxury electric vehicles from the prestigious automaker. When designing the RZ, Lexus used a very human-centric approach in an effort to enhance your driving and passenger experience.

Of course, Lexus did not forget about driving dynamics along the way. It all begins with the new all-wheel-drive system from Lexus called DIRECT4. From there, Lexus made sure to maximize the efficiency of the chassis to provide optimal weight balance throughout the vehicle.

Lexus RZ

The 2023 Lexus RZ 450e is the very first global battery electric vehicle or BEV from the company. This means the official Lexus BEV movement is ready to go worldwide. There is a lot of technology and purpose-built design behind the RZ. 

You will get the same luxurious comfort inside the RZ that you are accustomed to seeing from Lexus. There is also a full panoramic roof which makes the interior space look and feel more open. Staying cozy is easy thanks to the first radiant heating system ever featured in a Lexus vehicle. 

Lexus already boasts a stellar reputation for safety technology in their vehicles. The RZ features the very latest safety advancements through the Lexus Safety System+ 3.0. This system includes collision detection, emergency braking, and dynamic radar cruise control. 

With an estimated range of 225 miles on a full charge, the RZ has enough range to run errands or even go on a relaxing road trip without emissions. The RZ features a 71.4 kWh battery powering two motors. The front motor produces 150 kW of power while the rear motor provides 80 kW.

If you are a Lexus enthusiast and looking for the right EV, you just found it. Look for the RZ to go on sale later in 2022. Are you ready to go electric with Lexus? If so, your time has come.

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