LifeStraw Peak Series Straw

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Water: Aside from being about 60 percent made of it, us humans also require something like three to four liters a day for optimum health—and we can only go for about three days without water before kicking the dry, empty bucket.

But for the majority of human history, the safest sources of hydration were beer and wine (not water). Why? Because the alcohol sterilized all the little beasties that call wild water sources home.

And while we’re well supplied with water in our homes, emergency situations and long outdoor adventures can make securing water a challenge. For those not interested in drinking 10 or 12 beers a day to get their required hydration, may we suggest the new LifeStraw? 

With the release of their Peak Series straw, the LifeStraw has been taken to new heights of convenience and longevity, with an unlimited shelf life on its 99.999999% removal of bacteria, parasites, micro plastics, silt, sand, and cloudiness. In short, everyone should have one of these as part of their bug out bag (and they’re affordable enough to carry a spare, too).

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