LoCo Cookers Boiler & Fryer Cart

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Anyone who’s lived in the American South probably has strong opinions about the famous “lowcountry boil.” It’s a regional dish that takes everything from shellfish to corn, potatoes, and sausages, adds a heaping load of spices, and boils everything together into one perfect medley. The only trouble is, hauling around the burners and pots for a boil can be a real pain.

Enter the LoCo Cookers Boiler and Fryer Cart: A quick-heating, portable boil solution that puts other burner setups to shame. Everything you need for a shrimp, crab, or crawfish boil is mounted on a cart, including a v-shaped pot that makes for easy draining. Power it up with propane, and you can get a whole boil started in under 30 minutes. Summer eating has never looked so good — or so easy.

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