Logitech G Cloud Handheld Gaming System

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I still remember my first handheld game system—an original Gameboy, in fire engine red, complete with its own transparent hard plastic carrying case. My grandmother bought it for me at a time when we didn’t really have the money to do so, and it remains a prized possession of mine to this very day.

Times have changed since those early days of playing Mega Man for hours on end, but I still reach for every handheld game system that hits the market (even if I can’t play them as much as I’d like). And Logitech’s new G Cloud Handheld Gaming System has really got my attention.

The basic idea is this: The G Cloud aggregates hundreds of AAA titles from multiple systems, and plays them through subscriptions services mediated by an Android operating system. Childhood Brian would have loved this, as it basically means you can play top titles from multiple systems. And heck, even adult Brian is pretty excited to try one of these out, too.

Pre-Order Price: $300

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