Lordstown Motors Endurance Race Truck

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American electric truck builder Lordstown Motors is taking their EV expertise off-road by entering the famous San Felipe 250 race in April of 2021. The race takes place in the challenging terrain of Baja California, Mexico. This will be a big test for the Lordstown Motors Endurance Race Truck and its team.

To get ready for the race, Lordstown modifies their Endurance pickup truck with several upgrades. Visibility is important, which is why they add four powerful driving lights to the front of the EV pickup truck.

There are also wider fender flares compared to a stock Endurance EV truck. The additional space from this modification creates room for the larger wheels and tires necessary to compete in the San Felipe 250. 

You will also notice how the truck sits higher than a stock Endurance pickup. The addition of off-road suspension components tends to do that to any truck, more ground clearance is your friend when venturing off the path. 

Finally, the production 600 horsepower Endurance only has a range of 250 miles. The San Felipe 250 is about 290 miles from the starting point to the finish line. This team will need to solve that part of the equation before race day arrives. 

If the Lordstown Motors Endurance Race Truck performs well on April 17, 2021, it should fare well for the upcoming EV manufacturer. The consumer version of the Endurance pickup hits the shelves in September of 2021. 

This is a demanding race, it is difficult to even finish it, let alone be successful. In fact, the Lordstown Motors truck will be the very first electric vehicle to ever compete in the San Felipe 250. All eyes in the electric vehicle community will be on Lordstown Motors in the middle of April.

What do you think, will Lordstown Motors do well? If you think so, you may want to check out their upcoming Endurance pickup before supply has a tough time keeping up with demand. Why eat dust when you could just as easily stay ahead of the pack? 

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