Louis Vuitton Canvas Foosball Table

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We’re all about function and utility here at GearMoose — improving your EDC, upping your outdoor adventure game, ensuring your eternal sense of style. But sometimes you just need something you absolutely don’t need. This $71,000 Canvas Foosball Table created by haute fashion house Louis Vuitton falls resolutely into the want-not-need category. 

Made in France and covered in LV’s own Epi leather (a pressed, dyed, and coated leather usually found on their hand bags) the table also features enameled score counters, handles enshrined in cowhide, and hand painted players resembling a bellhop-type character from Louis Vuitton ads that ran in the 1920s. At the end of the day when you’re playing on this, the score, the winner, the loser — none of that matters. All that matters is your foosball table shames all other lesser tables in existence.

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