Lumin Age Management Collection

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The best skincare routine is one that gets out in front and starts doing its job before you  even realize you need it. Which is to say: Take care of your face now, turn it into a routine and keep it up — before long, you’ll notice substantial benefits. That’s the strategy that the good folks at Lumin have taken when it comes to the Age Management Collection.

While the name might sound daunting at first, know that Lumin makes its line of skincare for men with accessibility and utility in mind. Both of those qualities are crucial if you’re just diving into how to upgrade your skincare routine, and the Age Management Collection makes it easy.

It starts with essentials like Moisturizing Balm, a critical step in any grooming routine, plus simple boosters like the brand’s excellent Dark Circle Defense and an Anti-Wrinkle Serum. The collection features ingredients like hyaluronic acid to provide extreme moisture, along with energizing caffeine. It’s a seriously helpful, effective collection that’s as quick to use as 1-2-3.

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