M1 Portable Grill

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Here’s an idea: invite your friends to a campfire cookout. Tell them you’ll bring the grill, they bring the burgers. Then show up empty handed. Before anyone skewers you with their s’mores coat hanger, reach in your pack and pull out this. The legs collapse down and the grill itself rolls, allowing the whole thing to fold to the size of a water bottle. It weighs just over two pounds and adjusts to fit tall over a wood fire, squat over a charcoal fire, or folds flat so you can prop it on rocks for an any-height cooking surface.

The whole thing — hinges, legs, grill and height locks — are all stainless steel, so no melting, warping, or cracking, unless you set up the grill over a volcano or something. (Don’t do that.) And the M1 Portable Grill comes with a firestarter, carrying case and cleaning tool — all you do is start a fire and (get your friends to) add food. – $87

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