Mackenrow Ping Pong Table

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To avoid making your living room look like a dive bar, the fun stuff gets relegated. The pool table in the garage, the upright Ms. Pacman in the game room. If only that stuff could bring a little class. Like this. The Mackenrow Ping Pong Table from Jory Brigham Design does not get stuck in the basement. Hand-crafted of solid walnut with brass inlay and a bright orange accent strip, this table tennis centerpiece is designed to be looked at, fawned over and, when you’re done ogling, played on. Bring your friends over and raise your ping pong game to a level of sophistication it hasn’t seen before.

We’re not sure if the name is supposed to evoke the great-yet-volatile tennis star, but if you feel like throwing your paddle after a bad call, it’s your world. – Buy It

Mackenrow Ping Pong Table

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