Manhart MHX7 650 Dirt Edition

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Serious business requires a stealthy vehicle, but what will you do should the escape require you to steer off course? Cue the Manhart MHX7 650 Dirt Edition. Based on the BMW X7 M50i, the MHX7 can shred some serious dirt, in a hurry. Best of all, you will enjoy the comfortable experience of a luxury SUV while having more fun than a kid in a go-kart.

Manhart applies a wrap featuring a brushed matte black finish while adding 3D rivets along the seams of the body panels for special-ops styling. The undercover military special forces theme continues with the matte black Manhart wheels wrapped in Maxxis Bighorn MT-764 tires. These tires are massive, sitting at 305/50R20 while providing plenty of off-road traction.

To gain more ground clearance, Manhart raises the X7 by approximately 40 millimeters through modifications to the BMW air suspension system. This also creates more space for the bigger wheel and tire combination on the MHX7. Digging those meats into mud or burning them on the asphalt certainly will not be a problem in this armored beast.

At the core of the performance is the powerful twin-turbo 4.4L V8 engine from BMW. This baby isn’t stock though, but you will know that as soon as you fire it up. Manhart gives the MHX7 some breathing room to unleash its true potential with an HJS downpipe to reduce back pressure. 

Follow the roar of the engine through a new stainless steel exhaust system featuring valve control. Finally, Manhart optimizes the engine management software to unlock even more power from the bi-turbo V8 engine. 

The end result? 650 horsepower with 920 Nm of torque. Getting away is up to the driver’s skill level now, the Manhart MHX7 Dirt Edition takes care of the rest. If you think you are ready to handle the wheel, contact Manhart to get your transportation arrangements made. End transmission.

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Black Friday Sales