Marshall Major IV Headphones

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Want three days of battery life and high-end sound from a pair of headphones that cost less than $150? Boom. Wish granted with the Major IV Headphones. Like all the headphones Marshall has been putting out these days, the Major IVs have that vintage, pebbled leather look that makes you feel like you raided your dad’s/grandad’s super 70s audio closet. (Audio closets were a thing, right?) 

But unlike those vintage ear speakers, these have all the necessary modern features like bluetooth connectivity and wireless charging (with your own charging pad). You can take phone calls (or reject them) with a click of the subtle multidirectional gold knob, which also controls your volume, playback, and power. 

The Major IVs charge via USB-C (as all things should) and there’s a 3.5 mm jack that not only lets you listen while wired-in, but lets you share what’s playing with a friend. In possibly the most impressive move (the battery on this thing must be from outer space) a paltry fifteen minute charge will give you a totally crazy fifteen hours of playtime. Custom-tuned drivers, big bass, and pin-drop treble plus a battery that can do magic? We’ll take two. 

“80+ hours of wireless playtime.”

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