Matador Pocket Blanket 2.0

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Feel free to sit on things — in grass, on the sand, in a forest glade — without soaking or sullying your pants, yet also without lugging a giant bedspread along for the hike. This pocket blanket comes from Matador, the Colorado-based designers of highly packable adventure gear like duffles, packs, cases, and the little idea that started it all, the Pocket Blanket.

The Matador Pocket Blanket 2.0 takes all the good stuff from round one and piles on a few more details for park/festival/beach/campsite sitting perfection. Each corner has a weighted stake — leave them as-is for lightly breezy days or pull them out and use them to stake down the blanket when the wind picks up. And since stakes don’t work in sand, each corner acts as a sand pocket for proper beach stabilization.

Of course it’s waterproof and puncture resistant, otherwise, why bother? But perhaps our favorite detail is the stitching guidelines. You know how everything that’s “ultra packable” comes folded like Origami when you buy it, but getting it precision folded back to that tiny size is generally beyond the abilities of the common man? Thank you, Matador for making it easy to get back to that tiny packable size by providing folding instructions in the form of contrast stitching on the blanket itself. – Shop Now

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