Maui Brewing Big Swell IPA

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Make no mistake, the IPA is here to stay. We’re decades past the days when pale ales counted for eyebrow-raising beers among the craft beer community (and the greater populace), and with that spread comes a proliferation of tasty, rich, flavorful IPAs we love to enjoy. Take the Maui Brewing Big Swell IPA — even the name calls to mind sunny days at the beach enjoying sand and surf.

The beer itself backs up that approach when you quite literally want to go big, featuring a roar of tropical citrus hops and a an agreeable-but-strong 6.8 percent ABV. It’s the kind of IPA you should stock by the 6-pack in your cooler the next time you hit the beach or even head to a barbecue. Add in a  neat, summer-friendly can design (always something to consider), and your guests will wonder where they can buy some of their own, that much is true.

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