Mercedes-Benz EQ Formula E Team Silver Arrows eBike

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Of the n+ Mercedes-Benz EQ Formula E eBikes, the Silver Arrows is the top of the line. Its sleek hand-polished and brushed aluminum construction makes the body extra striking and strong, whether you’re on city streets, bike paths, gravel roads, or bush tracks. Unlike most eBikes, n+ considers and develops excellent physical mechanics, instead of just focusing on the electronics component. This is likely thanks to influence from the Mercedes-Benz school of thought.

The puncture-resistant tires have a durable stainless steel frame, while the bang-for-buck Gates CDX carbon belt drive unit can function without maintenance for just over 18,000 miles. The Silver Arrows boasts a 250w motor, with a mid-drive set-up, which has the most torque power of the three models at 55.3 pound-feet. Distinguished from most battery-powered eBikes that look bulky because of their external batteries, n+’s mechanics-focused approach makes this ride as sophisticated and chic as a sports car.

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