‘Merican Mule Canned Moscow Mule

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Perhaps by this point in winter, you feel your bar cart is running low, running out of inspiration, and running out of recipes. The old standby cocktails do the job, sure, but what if you want to add some bold flavor, a little kick and some fun to your at-home happy hours? We think we’ve got a solution for you, via the ‘Merican Mule Canned Moscow Mule, a cocktail in a can that brings the heat with spice and refreshing flavor. 

It’s certainly one way to shake up the doldrums of winter, and when it comes to your bar cart and your fridge, a change of pace is always recommended every once in a while. ‘Merican Mule focuses on one thing and one thing only: A range of canned “Mules” that result in an experience the brand calls #CopperMugOptional. The Canned Moscow Mule blends vodka, ginger, and lime for bold, distinctive flavor, making it a reliable at-home brunch or happy hour option when you feel like cracking a cold one of a different variety. 

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