Meridian Maintenance Package

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Lumin first came on the scene as a provider of skincare and grooming products made just for men. Now they’ve taken matters a few degrees south with their new line of “down there” products called Meridian. 

The Maintenance Package includes a shower-safe Trimmer and a bottle of ball spray. The Trimmer lets you maintain a precision hair length with zero tugging and no nicks, and comes with two replacement blades so you can swap them out every few months, ensuring that no-nick efficacy.  

The citrus-scented Spray contains witch hazel and moringa pterygosperma seed extract that’s a natural anti-odor and anti-chafing agent. Give a quick spritz whenever you need to refresh down below and then go about your day. 

With the weather warming up, it’s even more important to keep things properly trimmed and fresh. Here’s your no-fuss, effective way to do just that. 

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