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Once upon a time, prefab was like a gas station taquito — it did its job but wasn’t exactly pretty or meant to last. Now prefab homes and cabins look better than traditional houses and thanks to their portability and installation process, can be installed in more places. While they were once cheaper than traditional construction, their popularity and sweet, sweet design have pushed the price per square foot up a bit. But look at something as impressive as the Minimod Spot and you might start saving your pennies (and gold doubloons).

Designed and fabricated by Brazil/LA architecture firm MAPA, the Minimod is a series of small-space living pods that range from full homes in the 1200-square foot range to the Spot, the smallest of their creations, coming in between 40 and 160 square feet. The finish, the details, the size, the interiors are all customizable, so you can make this slope-roofed modern marvel whatever you want. 

Drawing on modern techniques like cross-laminated timber, digitally milled pieces, and large-scale, prefabricated panels, Minimod structures go up fast and can be set up just about anywhere. In your backyard, it’s your ideal work-from-home pod, your gentleman’s retreat, or fill it with LPs and a turntable for the sweetest listening den on earth. With an option for a sleeping loft, you can stick one of these someplace under the stars and among the trees and call it your hyper-efficient cabin in the woods.

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