Mission Workshop Bremen Mackintosh Raincoat

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We know we can count on Mission Workshop to deliver the precisely right blend of style, functionality and durability that the modern man needs every step of the way, especially in seasons when the right outerwear is critical. Feast your eyes, then, on the Mission Workshop Bremen Mackintosh Raincoat, a stealthy and city-ready jacket that takes the classic style of the Mackintosh silhouette and brings it forward into the 21st century. Especially when unexpected, blustery fall weather can strike at any minute, being prepared really is the name of the game (to say the very least).

In the case of the Bremen Como Mackintosh Raincoat, it’s the perfect blend of technical innovation and versatile style, making it the sort of jacket you can wear atop an Oxford shirt with tan chinos to keep your polished everyday look just that: Polished, not soaked in the pouring rain. Invest in the best new raincoat on the market, then reap the rewards. 

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