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The beers that catch our eye (and eventually, the adoration of our tastebuds) often take an expected approach or format and shake it up just enough. Take the Modern Times Blazing World, a bold and refreshing take on the traditional amber ale that’s been seriously hopped up — in the best way possible, that is.

Mosaic and Simcoe hops, more commonly found in bolder IPAs, take the lead with the Modern Times Blazing World, resulting in a hoppy amber beer. The final product has more fruitiness and a dank finish found in crushable IPAs, and that’s why it’s a worthy addition to your beer fridge this summer (or any season, for that matter).

It’s not often that you find that sort of flavor in an amber brew, but it’s a change of pace we welcome. And at 6.8 percent ABV, it’ll knock your socks off … perhaps just enough to make you want to have another. – Learn More

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