MOFT Laptop Stand

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If you do a significant amount of work on a laptop and care about the long term comfort of your neck, you need a stand. The options out there are pretty close to limitless, from stands that resemble high-design sculpture to collapsable travel versions. Here’s one that pretty much disappears into the underside of your laptop when you don’t need it, then pops out to deliver neck-pain-reducing two to three inches of height to your screen. 

Made by MOFT (which aptly stands for “mobile office for travelers”), the fiberglass and polyurethane laptop stand adheres to the bottom of your laptop, fitting screens up to 15.6 inches in size. When it lies flat, it’s as thin as a coin, when deployed, it can hold up to 18 pounds — though if you’re carrying around a laptop that weighs over 15 pounds, you’re probably not worried terribly about ergonomics.

The adhesive is removable, leaving no sticky stuff on your laptop when you take it off or reposition, and magnets hold it closed when you’re carrying it around. It’s the type of unobtrusive design that disappears into its surroundings almost making you forget about it… until your neck starts complaining and you put it to use.

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