Monopoly Longest Game Ever

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No one sits down for a quick game of Monopoly. Depending on the skill, luck, and ruthlessness of each player, the classic property-trading game can take hours. But instead of creating some sort of Cliff’s Note, mini-game, fast-app version of the game, Hasbro is leaning into the whole time-commitment element with this version. 

Monopoly Longest Game Ever ups the number of properties from 28 to 66 while adding in new rules — including one that says a player isn’t eliminated from the game when they run out of money — to make the game last as long as possible. No auctions allowed, you get money for landing on Free Parking (to keep even the poorest players supplied with enough scratch to pay rent as they round the board). To win, one player has to own every single property on the board. 

Monopoly Longest Game Ever

The board itself looks familiar enough with a few obvious variations, like the second ring of squares in the center and the dual Go, Free Parking, and Jail corners. The player pieces are different too, with gold and silver tortoise and hares subbing in for the hat, thimble, race car, et al. If you’ve got a cabin somewhere, a bottle of something tasty, and a few willing participants, this will keep you entertained for longer than you ever thought possible.

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