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Your excuses are defenseless. No space to store a bike in your micro apartment? This will fit behind your couch. No bike rack on your car? This goes in the trunk. Never room for your bike on the bus/train/trolly? This takes up as much room as a roller bag. The Paratrooper Pro is a folding mountain bike modeled after the military bike Montague designed under a DARPA grant. It’s ready for trails.

Originally intended as a quick-fold option for paratroopers exiting military aircraft, this isn’t some novelty bike made from cheap parts. You get the same quality components as a standard mountain bike with 27 speeds, 26-inch wheels and 100 millimeters of travel on the fork suspension, all in a 31-pound package. The only difference between this and any other high-quality mountain bike on the trail is this one folds up. The folding mechanics don’t break any of the frame’s tubing, ensuring a strong riding platform along with excuse-eliminating storage options. – Shop Now

Montague Bikes Paratrooper Pro

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