Mophie Charge Stream Pad Mini

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Maybe you’ve found yourself in a moment of need, phone running on dangerously low battery, perhaps visiting a new city, and stumbled upon an ingenious Mophie portable charger – if it saved your phone then, well, there’s a good chance you’ll like precisely what else Mophie has been cooking up for tech lovers and novices alike.

While not portable enough to fit in your pocket, the Mophie Charge Stream Pad Mini is compact and should easily find a home on your dresser, your desk or your hotel nightstand — place your QI-enabled smartphone on the pad and your device will charge on contact. Again, we said the brand was ingenious, and small-but-smart innovations like this keep reminding us exactly why Mophie is every bit as essential as having the right phone in your pocket (especially if you’re prone to letting your phone battery run a bit too low, that is).

The Charge Stream Pad Mini is also ridiculously well-priced at under $25 right now. Your phone needs a charge right now, and you need Mophie.

Mophie Charge Stream Pad Mini

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