Morning Recovery Hangover Drink

Morning Recovery Hangover Drink

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The search for the elixir of no-hangover is right up there with the search for the elixir of immortality. One of those searches may be over. Yes, you’ve seen it before: Dusty vials full of snake oil on the counter of a roadside gas station, promising freedom from all pain the morning after. But Morning Recovery might actually have something going for it.

The formula is based on the extract DHM, derived from an Asian raisin tree traditionally used in Japanese medicine as a liver protectant. It’s also packing an amino acid that binds to the chemical your liver makes to makes you feel hungover. There’s anti-inflammatory mojo from stuff like prickly pear, ginseng and green tea extracts, and the usual suspects appear too, like electrolytes, C and B Vitamins, and taurine. Despite the name, you take Morning Recovery the night before. Only hard part is remembering to do so. – Buy It


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