Mountain Standard Mountain Flannel

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Is there a better time of year for a classic, rugged flannel shirt than the chilly, breezy days of late fall? Perhaps not, and there certainly might not be a better pick for the season ahead than the Mountain Flannel from, fittingly enough, Mountain Standard.

Small-but-welcome touches like the deep chest pockets provide just a bit more functionality than your average flannel shirt, while steel buttons round out this shirt’s durable style quite nicely. What’s more, the red-and-black color combo is essentially and easily wearable over everything from a thermal shirt to a chambray shirt for an added extra layer of warmth. Wear it camping, wear it hiking, wear it on the drive out of town and the drive back in — you might not need that many other shirts in your weekend bag, and you definitely won’t need another flannel. – $59

Mountain Standard Mountain Flannel

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