Narke GT95 Electric Jet Ski

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Jet skis are fun, sure. But quiet? Not so much. And while there’s an allure to the cranking, buzzy engine noise as you womp over the wake of a passing boat, there’s also a whole layer of lake and sea sounds out there you may very well miss over the roar of your engine. The Narke GT95 Electric Jet Ski is a large-scale, sit-down personal watercraft with a 24 kWh battery capable of riding the waves for two hours on a charge. And the only noise it makes is the water churning through its impeller. 

Rated for both fresh and seawater, the 94 horsepower electric motor can tow skiers or rafters and get you flying over the water at a top speed of 46 mph, not the fastest ride on the lake, but very likely one of the coolest. Smell the breeze instead of diesel and listen to the quiet while you make your way across the water like some sort of futuristic sea baron.  

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