Native Union Belt Cable Duo

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So, where do you store your ever-growing collection of power cables for all your electronic devices? Ours tend to be scattered all over the place: A couple next to our desk. One or two in a backpack. A whole mess of them in a box, half-forgotten and waiting to be used whenever we’ve inevitably misplaced our primary cables.

You have to admit: It’s kind of a pain, collecting all this paraphernalia for our increasingly tech-centric lives.

Native Union seeks to solve that problem with their Belt Cable Duo, a first-of-its-kind cable that combines USB-C, Apple Lightning, and all type-C device chargers in one ultra-durable cord. Its patented slide lock design lets you switch quickly, easily, and safely between charging modes, while a reinforced braided construction guarantees that it’s made to last. Maybe it will be just the thing to finally let you throw out that tangled mass of cords in your desk drawer.

Price: $50

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