nCamp Wood Burning Camping Stove

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a camping pro or a newbie on the cusp of pitching his first tent, choosing the right cooking gear could make all the difference on whether you’re dining on a t-bone steak or eating cold beans from the can.

The nCamp Wood Burning Camping Stove is designed to burn wood and gas (with the addition of an adapter), for cooking, giving you a choice of fuel depending on your conditions. Essentially a portable campfire, it’s made of aluminum and stainless steel, with a wide base for heavier pots and pans, meaning little-to-no chance of tipping.  The cooktop provides a spot for utensils, and a collapsible combustion chamber and folding legs means it will pack flat. In addition to wood and gas, hexamine tablets and liquid fuels like alcohol, can also be utilized with inserts that fit into the chamber.

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