U-Boat Worx NEMO Personal Submarine

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A personal aircraft is cool and all. But a personal submarine? That’s where the action is. Dutch manufacturer U-Boat Worx is preparing to launch NEMO, a personal submersible that doesn’t require having a ship to deploy it. Weighing just over 5,500 pounds and taking up about as much space as two jet skis, it’s light and compact enough to be towed behind a car and can be launched from a boat ramp (or a yacht, depending what you’re working with). 

Inside, there’s room for two, one passenger and a certified pilot — and that pilot, of course will be you. Included in the price of the craft is a twelve-day, full-time training course at their facility on the Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao. Once certified, you’ll be handed the keys to your personal submarine where you can explore the wonders of the deep, viewing everything through the expansive clarity of the acrylic pressure hull. 

The NEMO can reach a depth of 330 feet, reach speeds of 3 knots underwater, and stay down for about 8 hours. That’s a lot of reef exploration, shipwreck investigation, and just plain marveling at the otherworldly landscape beneath the surface. As it’s the only series-produced submarine in the world (as opposed to being built to order) they were able to bring down the price a bit. One can be yours for about $1,050,000.

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