NeoMano Robotic Glove

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Better tech isn’t only about bigger TVs and more immersive VR, some of it actually wants to help people. The NeoMano Robotic Glove from Neofect is a three-fingered glove that allows people with limited hand function — resulting from a spinal injury, stroke, ALS, or another condition — to regain the ability to grasp and hold objects and tools. Made up of a non-slip glove, a power pack that straps to the arm, and a bluetooth remote, the NeoMano uses a small motor that curls the first two fingers into a C-grip or a pinching action, while an aluminum splint holds the thumb in position. 

People who once had to rely on caretakers to do things like brushing their teeth, eating with a fork, holding a cup, or using their phone can do these things themselves when using the glove. The NeoMano Robotic Glove is currently gaining backers and donors on Indiegogo and gloves are scheduled to ship out in June — helping people with limited hand function gain back some independence.

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