Nerf Ultra One Motorized Blaster

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Many of us are seeing the people we live with far more than we ever did. And with each passing homebound day, the desire to blast those nearest and dearest to us with foam projectiles only grows stronger. Nerf gets you. The Ultra One Motorized Blaster has a crazy capacity with its 25-dart drum so you can blast relentlessly. The accuracy and distance have also been completely reworked, giving you a range of 120 feet, which Nerf says makes these the farthest flying Nerf darts ever (to come out of an unmodified gun). 

The new blaster will only work with the new Ultra darts, which use a lighter, more aerodynamic foam and feature improved rear fins. You get 25 darts in the box but you’ll need to bring your own batteries to power the motor. Get in some target practice on members of your family or denizens of your co-living space (from far away and with a surprising rate of fire) or take the Motorized Blaster out to your next outdoor Nerf War and be prepared to dominate.  

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