New Balance TDS Niobium Concept 2 Sandals

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If the word “concept” has ever bummed you out—because it’s applied to cool, crazy-looking stuff that you’re not actually allowed to buy—rejoice.  New Balance is offering the cool, crazy-looking TDS Niobium Concept 2 Sandals for anyone with two Benjamins in funds and a quick clicker finger (these things won’t last). 

TDS indicates this is the latest offering from New Balance’s collaboration series, Tokyo Design Studios series. Geared for the trail, these sandals are all business in the front and sole, with a mesh, but closed, toe and an ultra grippy Vibram sole. Around back, however, the detachable heel strap turns the sandals from serious to slip-on in a half second. 

The semi-open design, multi-colored sole, and adjustable buckle closure set this “concept” apart from any run-of-the-mill footwear out there. Both on the trail and the sidewalk. 

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