New Balance X-Racer Utility Sneakers

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Your pants have pockets. Your jackets have pockets. Heck, even some of your shirts have pockets. Why can’t your shoes have pockets, too? Well now they can, with New Balance’s retro-inspired X-Racer Utility Sneakers.

Everything about these shoes screams old school cool, from the muted color palettes, to the detailed leather uppers, to yes — the pockets. What are you going to put in those leather pouches on both sides of your sneakers? I’m not even completely sure, but I know it’ll be cool. Maybe chewing gum, or pogs, or a Tamagotchi.

And oh yeah — these shoes are super comfortable too. The ABZORB midsole gives excellent cushion, the laces tie down nice and tight for a custom fit, and the inside is smooth, with no pressure points for your toes to rub up against. Not as cool as pockets on your shoes, but important nonetheless.

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