Nike Cortez ’72 S.D.

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Oftentimes, Nike sneakers remind us of the past — these sneakers are classic for a reason, and we think that’s certainly the case with the Nike Cortez ‘72 S.D, a sharp, sleek, retro-inspired pair of sneakers to wear all summer (and beyond that).

We love the red, white and blue color scheme, not to mention the low profile — this combination makes these stylish kicks fit to wear with outfits as simple (and summer-friendly) as light wash jeans and a white slub tee, for starters.

Like other Nike kicks, the Nike Cortez ‘72 S.D. is also surprisingly affordable given the quality and versatility you get from them — try them on for size with a charcoal Oxford shirt and dark blue denim for a casual summer Friday. These were even inspired by Phil Knight’s “Shoe Dog,” so what’s not to love about them? The list of benefits goes on and on.

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