The NoMad Cocktail Book

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Once hidden inside the pages of the larger NoMad Cookbook, the NoMad Cocktail Book has been revised and updated, and is now available as a stand-alone volume (for those of us who think food is certainly great! but cocktails are where the love lies). It’s the work of bar director Leo Robitschek and his team from the famed bars of NoMad restaurants in NYC, LA, and Las Vegas. These bars are repeatedly voted, and commonly considered, among the best in the world, so what you get is far more than a simple book of recipes. 

Recipes there certainly are — 300 of them in fact, ranging from classic staples to brand new tipples making the rounds at the hyper cool, endlessly swank, and perfectly vintage NoMad Bars today (or as soon as they’re open again). But before you get to the drinks themselves, Leo has a few lessons to impart. With the Service Manual, he walks you through everything that must be considered to create the perfect cocktail — from garnishes and ice to proper shaking techniques. Once you have that down, it’s time to practice your cocktail-crafting skills. After that comes the best part: drinking them. 

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