Nomad Expedition Cable

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With their minimal and rugged cases, cables, and charging accessories, Nomad makes whichever device you choose to carry a little better — better organized, better looking and/or better charged. Their Expedition Cable falls into that last category. No more will you look suspect at a frayed charger, wondering if it has one final charge session in it before it tries to set your apartment on fire.

Made with a Kevlar outer braid and Kevlar central core, the Expedition was built to be used every day and then some. Able to support 220 pounds (what it is you’re doing with a cable that it needs to support 220 pounds, we’re not asking), the USB to lightning cable is 1.5 meters long (just under 5 feet) and includes a vulcanized silicone cable tie to keep things tidy. Chances are, this is going to outlast your phone. – Shop Now

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