Nomad Hammock Backpack

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If you ever wished your backpack could do a little more, here’s one that can turn itself into a hammock. Technically, you’re the one turning it into a hammock, but still, the ability is there. The Nomad is just now taking off on Kickstarter and its blend of ingenuity, unique materials and cool design make this something worth getting behind. Starting off as a backpack, it’s got a 1,220 cubic inch capacity, with a wear-resistant Cordura outer shell, ventilating mesh straps, and zippered pockets and straps for a whole slew of carrying options.

The real magic is in the folding. Taking cues from origami, the main compartment is folded up in a functional and comfortable hammock made from an exclusive “body adaptive mesh.” The suspension system lets you set it up for sitting or dozing as you see fit and refolding is doable even if you’ve never made a paper crane, thanks to color coded fasteners and Velcro. Learn more at Nomad Hammock.

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