Nordic Amber Blonde Ale

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From the bold and engaging can design to the deliciously drinkable brew contained therein, Bent Brewstillery and the uniquely crafted Nordic Amber Blonde Ale might just be one of our favorite offerings for year-round drinkability. The Amber Blonde style is one not seen too frequently out there, yet it yields some excellent results in terms of terrific flavor and a pleasant drinking experience.

The Amber Blonde Ale also carries some weight with it — it’s the first beer made by Bent Brewstillery, one that served as their intro into the craft beer game. We think that’s as fine a reason as any to raise a glass and enjoy this one-of-a-kind ale wherever you can find.

From the pleasantly refreshing tang in the finish to a slight sweetness and a whole heck of a lot of freshness, this beer is your best bet for instantly, easily drinkable enjoyment even in the depths of summer — or the depths of winter. We love ourselves a great beer to guzzle 12 months of the year, and this might just be it. – Learn More

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