Nöthin’ But a Good Time

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If you’re looking for sobering tales of the dangers of excess and the stark clarity that sets in after the party’s over, Nöthin’ But a Good Time is not the book for you. Though if that’s the type of stuff you’re into, you’re probably not a huge ‘80s glam rock fan anyway. If you are looking for epic tales of the decadence, debauchery, and decade-long, drug-fueled party that was hair metal, read on.

Told from the perspective of the people who were there to see it and lived to tell about it, the book draws on 200 (modern day) interviews with roadies, groupies, label execs, journalists, and the musicians themselves. Members of GnR, Van Halen, Twisted Sister, Bon Jovi, Skid Row, and more all share what they remember. As do, naturally, members of the two bands alluded to in the book’s title: Poison and Mötley Crüe. 

Of the book, Bret Michaels says, “You’ll feel like you were right there with us!” Prepare to witness the parties and backstage exploits, hear the roar of the tour bus. You’ll probably even start to smell the hairspray. Of course, the party eventually came to an end (the ‘90s happened, after all) but if you’re ready to relive the glory of glam metal’s prime, secure your copy and return to the jungle.  

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